Saturday, May 21, 2011

RaptureFail | Harold Camping is SO wrong

I heard this particular website from James White's podcast from May 19th. It's a good idea:

Joining in the RaptureFail project is really easy. Once 6pm Saturday has passed where you are, simply signup for an account on the website making sure you register your location. Once you’ve verified your account we’ll add your location to the RaptureFail map, building up a picture of all the places in theorld where Harold Camping’s prophecy has failed. Couldn’t be simpler!
Once you’ve registered your RaptureFail, see what others are saying here.
The site even summarizes Harold Camping's prophecy and points out some of its flaws. I agree with the following:

As Christians who take the Bible seriously we believe that “prophecies” like these demean the church’s witness in the world. The purpose of this site is to demonstrate very clearly (and to mock gently) that this is a false prophecy and that Harold Camping is a false prophet.

The sad thing is that that Camping's delusions turn the Rapture and Biblical teachings to a mockery. The important thing to remember is that Jesus is going to be returning and we don't know when. We need to be ready. If by some miracle, Camping has guessed right I've got nothing to worry about because I am saved according to what the Bible says. More important question is what about you? Are you ready for when Jesus returns, even if it is not May 21st?

RaptureFail | Harold Camping is SO wrong
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