Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When a coloring mistake means much more

I think that it is important to consider how different groups of people are portrayed in the media. It's not just because it influences society. It is also because its a reflection of society just as much as it is an influence. I really think that this article from one of my favorite tumblrs should be read by everyone. In case you haven't heard this thread was touched off by Free Comic Book Day event last Saturday where DC Comics gave out a comic book with the following image.

Why is this a problem? Well it should have looked like this.

The girl on the right is mistakenly colored. She is a woman of color and one of the Flash's blood relatives. DC admits the mistakes. She should look like this.
It's not a little issue given to how women and minorities are portrayed in American mass media. We should be better than that.  Read more about it at the following link.

DC Women Kicking Ass - When a coloring mistake means much more
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