Tuesday, May 31, 2011

YouTube - Paris Thomas

There is a series of ads from the Mormons in an attempt to change the image of the Mormon church.

When I see black people in those ads it always amazes me. I wonder if they ever are told what the founder of the Mormon church, Joseph Smith, thought about black people. Here is a quick video explaining what Mormonism used to teach.

What Mormon Theology Is Really All About
Tags: What Mormon Theology Is Really All About

I know some atheists will look at this video and wonder how regular, historic Christianity is less racist? Some people who have been Christians may have been racist, but that does not mean that the Bible is racist or that it's institutionalized. Don't forget that Mormonism was his idea and we have no proof at all that he didn't just make it up. The Bible is an external text, written by multiple authors, spanning three continents and 1500 years, telling a cohesive story.

YouTube - Paris Thomas
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