Saturday, June 4, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #83 - Debunking Christianity: DC is Alive and Kicking, Speaking to Both Sides!

John Lofus has posted a very strange post to me.

Thanks to all my regular readers and commenters for making DC what it is. It's rare to achieve what I have attempted. This blog is not one that preaches to the choir. I am not a cheerleader for anything atheist. There are too many sites that do that in an endless cycle of seeing who can best stick it to Christians. And, as you would guess, I'm no cheerleader for Christianity either, to say the least. ;-) But both sides visit here to discuss the ideas that separate us, including SBL's Bibliobloggers, where DC ranks above 5th place every month (out of 500+ sites). Yes, I get attacked at times from both sides in my attempt to reach out to Christians. But I am passionate to change the religious landscape in ways I think are best given my talents. Cheers.

I congratulate him on the success of his blog and his many readers. However, I do not understand how he claims to be haven where people from both sides can "visit and discuss ideas that separates us." It seems to me that you only get to freely express your ideas if you agree with the athiests and Loftus himself who read the site. You're called a "troll" or worse for just stopping by and disagreeing.

Here is a concrete example:

I was engaged in a discussing on the following post: American Adults Are Leaving Christianity At 4x's the Rate They're Joining. The Original comment was:

Emory and Greg

I concede that the Bible is indeed both of you! Other people don't agree with you Greg's thoughts on how confusing the Bible is. Maybe you just need to study harder.

It was with respect to the fact that both of these individuals and others in the same thread said things about the Bible that just simply is not true. Of course suggesting that more rigorous study was needed really rubbed people in the thread the wrong way. This lead Loftus to post the following: Quote of the Day by a Christian Named Marcus McElhaney. In why he bolded the part about "studying harder" and proceeded to ignore the context in which I was responding. In addition saying that I think they have to agree with me on every single point in order to correctly understand the Bible. He and other on that site really are a cheerleading session for atheism and have no desire to seriously talk to other who disagree with their presuppositions and conclusion. It is much easier to believe that Christians are deluded instead of seriously considering if they are not the ones being deluded.

JP Holding was kind enough to weigh in on that particular post also: Debunking Loftus: Setting John Straight: Maybe He Needs an Outsider Test?

Given the interview Loftus recently gave, I'd have to question exactly his honesty in his apostasy.

Debunking Christianity: DC is Aliv - e and Kicking, Speaking to Both Sides!
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