Sunday, June 5, 2011

YouTube - Captain Kirk vs The Bible!

I found this video on YouTube where a clip from Star Trek is used to mock the Bible. I find it offensive as a Christian and as a Star Trek fan. Remember that episode where the Enterprise came across an old earth probe that became sentient and wanted to kill all organic life because it became imperfect. Captain Kirk beat the probe by showing it that it was imperfect and therefore should destroy itself. It's a nice bit of logic, but the video author switch the probe named "Nomad" with the Bible. Here is the video.

Where does this go wrong? Multiple logical issues because first Nomad being created by men was fallible and prone to error. The Bible has neither human origin nor is it full of errors. The video does nothing at all to prove that is the case. It presupposes this lie.

YouTube - Captian Kirk vs The Bible!
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