Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #104 - 'God the Father' banished by mainline denomination

The United Church of Christ is attempting to change it's wording in its organizational documents. For example look at this.

 The reason?

Denomination spokeswoman Barb Powell told WND today that the change was made because the reference to "heavenly Father" was too restrictive.
"In the UCC, our language for God, Christ and the Holy Spirit … is preferred to be more open for different expressions of the Trinity," she said. "Heavenly Father is just one vision."
She told WND the denomination seeks to be "inclusive" in its language, "so therefore we will tend to change language that is more traditional to be more inclusive."
She said some of the denomination's pastors refer to God with terms such as "Creator" and "Father and Mother."
"There are a lot of people who decided, if God still is speaking to us, there is more light and truth to break forth," she said.

The reason why Christians shouldn't change it is because the Bible uses that language. The problem was called out by David Runnion-Bareford. He said:

"Rejecting God as Father in an age of fatherlessness is unthinkable," said David Runnion-Bareford, a leader of the fellowship organization. "God acted toward us in amazing grace when He offered to be our Father through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus Christ who offers us life in his name.
"This is not something we as humans made up in some other time. Rejecting our Father is [an] act of arrogant rebellion in the name of cultural conformity that only further alienates members, churches, but more importantly God himself."
I'm glad God has put people in the Unite Church of Christ to stand against such heresy. The denomination is very broad and have a wide variety of viewpoints. The article talks a lot about Jeremiah Wright and the way his church embraces Black Liberation Theology. I really dislike Black Liberation Theology because it is not Jesus centered. You can read my post on Black Liberation Theology,

'God the Father' banished by mainline denomination
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