Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #114 - Debunking Christianity: Want To Know What Blind Faith Is?

Here is a gem example of illogic.

At my recent talk in Indy a Christian named Phil heard it and said that given how passionate I am I'll come back around to Christianity. He also said the atheist movement was from God, presumably God's judgment on America in the last days before Jesus comes back. Jerry Wilson was there and shouted, "How do you know that?" That's a great question! There is no evidence leading Phil to believe what he said, none. Which reminds me, Bill Craig said there is still hope for me too! Yep, and that's why I reject faith. It can and does lead people to believe almost anything. Who in their right mind would say such things? If I haven't committed the unforgivable sin then no one has.

I think Loftus completely misses Phil's point. The point is that no one is born-again without the power of God. Phil thought that Loftus' passion shows that at one time hed was born again. Given that, you can't become unborn again this means that God will at some point in the future claim Loftus for His own again. We know this because Jesus said it. Phil happens to be more optimistic about Loftus' spiritual state than I am. Neither one of us knows for sure about Loftus Salvation. I hope that either he truly had been born again or that God will truly save him. As long as any one of us are alive, there is still hope. My question is, how does John, or anyone who has left Christianity know that they used to believe? How do they know what they are talking about? Does Loftus really know what the unforgivable sin is? I doubt it.

Debunking Christianity: Want To Know What Blind Faith Is?
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