Saturday, July 30, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #115 - Debunking Christianity: Morality Without God

John Loftus has pointed out the follow-up to another video about Morality on YouTube.The new video is just as more FacePalm worthy as the first. Here is my rebuttal to part 1:FacePalm of the Day #95 - Debunking Christianity: Good without gods This new video contains more scripture references but twists them into something almost recognizable. Look at the video.

The video starts out with positing a leader who want to implement morally corrupt laws and tries to draw a parallel with God's laws. The narrator argues that we know what "unjust laws" are. He further argues that God's laws are perfect because God is perfect and therefore they should make sense to us.  There are several problems with the arguments.

The narrators assumes that we know what is fair and consistent laws and are capable of deciding what those rules should be and why. He argues "that we know better." The narrator accuses the God of the Bible of punishing the innocent and punishing the guilty disproportionately and placing it up against the characterization of God being perfectly morally. The Narrator says that he is aware of the Bible's teaching that all humans are sinners but doesn't seem to know what the consequences of that are. He most undoubtedly thinks that it is a disproportionate to eternally punish people for finite sins but doesn't realize that none of us is innocent or just how bad those sins are! Also for those who are saved God disproportionately gifts us with eternal life. IT should be obvious that though we deserve hell, heaven isn't based on what we deserve.

Also given that God created us and we didn't create ourselves or anything, why would any of us think that we know better that He does about what is right and what is wrong? Consider it. His argument is that there is no God because such a God would not allow anything like what the Bible says. How does he know that? He is arguing for a moral law greater than God and I would say that is wrong. If God made everything that would include moral imperatives and laws also. We also have to agree that God knows what those are and we don't. For example Jesus said lusting after a person you are not married to is just as bad as doing the act of  adultery. Last I checked, Psychology agreed. Emotional  infidelity can be worse than physical acts.

The narrator then goes on to try to bring up scriptures to show how corrupt the Bible's morality trying to say that the atrocities in the Bible were perpetrated against innocent people. Again no one has never been innocent, we all deserve death. Rather than running through the scriptures he twists out of context we need to remember that these examples is not God command or condoning evil. These ar all examples of God punishing sin. Just because you don't think that sin warrants punishments such as these says more about our finiteness than it does about God's character. You must remember, the God does not cause people to do evil. God restrains us from doing evil! And when God allows people to do what they want to do these the consequences. I see no inconsistency of God punishing sin by allowing people to suffer its consequences or allowing us to get the consequences of other people's sins. Don't like it?  We aren't supposed to like it. God has no problem with discussing it. It's discussed several times in the Bible. However, God does whatever God wants and how and when. God will always does what is best.

This really comes down to trust. Can you really trust God that the way God has decreed things to work really is best for us and takes into account our choices and what is best for us? Yes. IT does require us to align ourselves with God's will, purposes, and plans. It like flying. Birds, airplanes, and anything that flies does so not by breaking the laws of  Gravity, but uses them. It's the same if you want success in life here and now and eternal life after this one is over.

Debunking Christianity: Morality Without God

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