Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Black Spider-Man is a Reality

I've always been a Spider-Man fan. ALWAYS. When I was a young child, I wanted to be Spider-Man. The fact that Spider-Man was white didn't bother me (still doesn't). The character transcends race. Andrew Garfield, who will play Spider-Man in the next film, captured why the character is important to me even now in his speech at Comic Con 2011. In Ultimate Fallout #4, released today, a new Spider-man is introduced. It's not Peter Parker. He is Mile Morales who is half black and half Latino in a parallel universe to a comic book universewe usually read in the main Spider-man titles. Miles picks up for Peter after Peter died last June in the Ultimate Universe.

This move answers the question brought up last year when people suggested Donald Glover to be cast as Spider-Man/Peter Parker: "Why can't Spider-Man be black?" I like the way this is being handled because we get to keep Peter Parker and yet explore the Spider-Man character in a direction I never thought would happen. My son will look at Spider-Man in a total different way than I have.

Andrew Garfield Might Have Gotten the ‘Spider-Man’ Movie, but Donald Glover Influenced the New Half-Black, Half-Latino Spidey in the Comics | Crushable

New Ultimate Spider-Man is Half-black, Half-latino!

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