Thursday, October 27, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #140 - Debunking Christianity: I Stand in the Gap

PhotobucketJohn Loftus always underwhelms but never fails to entertain.

I am set for the express purpose of destroying the influence of evangelical Christianity in America and in the world at large.

Good luck with that. Jesus said that nothing will prevail against his church. Loftus is kicking against the pricks.

Whether I can do this is not the question, since I just want to be a part of what many others are doing.

They fail too. 

As a former evangelical intellectual I know what to do.

Intellectual?! LOL Sorry, let him go on.

I know where the weaknesses are felt best. I use liberal Christian scholarship to do what I do, for they make the best arguments against evangelicalism.

So he uses the scholarship of biased misrepresentations of the Bible against Christianity. Gotcha.

When I do this some atheists don't understand. Since I use Christian scholarship to debunk evangelicalism they don't like that.

 Maybe that's why Loftus fails so much at doing this.

Since I don't aim at the scholars it makes me look unscholarly.

 Nope, just desperate.

Most Christians don't like what I do, as you know. I don't like this but it is what it is. I am vilified and misunderstood.

I like what Loftus does. The more he rails against the truth the more it gets established. Thanks, Mr Loftus. 

It's a very tough place to stand. Sometimes I must wallow in the mire with Christian Bible thumpers. Other times I must deal with the Christian scholars. Then some people in the atheist community demand conformity, just like any community does, which reminds me of church all over again.

So there are no Christian Scholars who believe in and trust the Bible. Anyone scholar or not does not treat the Bible as the Word of God, they are not a Christian.

But here I stand. I can do no other. ;-)

Stand where? In the hands of God? Subject to him no matter what you think you are? Yup, you sure are.

Debunking Christianity: I Stand in the Gap
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