Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christian Bale Gets Punched While Trying To Visit An Imprisoned Chinese Activist

Christian Bale was in China this last week to work on a new international film promoted and supported by the Government. While there he went with a CNN crew to attempt to visit a man.

CNN has the whole harrowing tale, which began when The Dark Knight Rises star Bale filmed The Flowers of War in China. While on-set, he heard stories of the blind activist Chen Guangcheng, a lawyer who started helping “victims of abusive practices by Chinese family-planning officials” in the late 1990s. Bale was so impressed with this man that he wanted to go visit him.

Bale and the crew was turned away and met with hostility and violence. Bale was punched. But anyone who tries to see Guangcheng or speak out in his favor gets turned away or detained. What did he do?
Chen, a self-taught lawyer who was blinded by a fever in infancy, angered authorities after documenting forced late-term abortions and sterilizations and other abuses by overzealous authorities trying to meet population control goals in his rural community. He was imprisoned for allegedly instigating an attack on government offices and organizing a group of people to disrupt traffic, charges his supporters say were fabricated.
Although now officially free under the law, he has been confined to his home in the village eight hours' drive from Beijing and subjected to periodic beatings and other abuse, activists say.
Wow. I And we think we have it soooo hard in America. Here is the CNN video with Christian Bale attempting to see Chen Guangcheng.

And here is a video about Chen Guangcheng

Christian Bale Gets Punched While Trying To Visit An Imprisoned Chinese Activist
Behind the Wall - Video reveals blind Chinese activist's plight
Behind the Wall - Christian Bale scuffles with Chinese guards
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