Saturday, December 24, 2011

Truthbomb Apologetics: Counterpoints: John Loftus and Frank Turek on the Death of Christopher Hitchens

Over on Truthbomb Apologetics, Chad posted two comments regarding the death of Christopher Hitchens. I think he did something amazing: allowing us to see how one of Hitchens' fellow atheists looks at this and how a Christian - one of Hitchen's debate opponents - view the same man.

John Loftus: "Many Christians are thinking he’s burning in hell. Some others may even say this. But it is a disgrace to humanity to even think this abhorrent thought about such a brilliantly good man...this statement burns me up to no end. It is more repulsive than any thought I can conceive...may his memory live on. He has changed the world for the better." [1]

Frank Turek: "There is no one with whom I disagreed more who I admired so much. I don’t see how anyone who knew Christopher Hitchens could think that a man with such admirable qualities and talents was nothing more than a collection of chemicals– the product of unexplained random processes. Christopher’s intellect, wit, courage, and passion are evidence to me of a Divine Being– a Divine Being who loves human freedom so much that He would even allow the gifts He bestows to be used against Him." [2]


I usually follow Loftus' blog Debunking Christianity, but he seems to have abandoned it for another site (see the reference note from Chad below), but it's interesting that to Loftus, Hitchens was too good to burn in hell. I'd like to see his reasoning for that. But be that as it may, Frank Turek's comments show how Hitchen's death should be looked on and brings up a great point - God blesses us despite ourselves. Not because we deserve it - but because He is soo good. It's a striking contrast. Loftus is fixated on his perception of God's goodness (none of us are good enough to stand before a holy God), while Turek is focused on God's goodness. Notice how although he and Hitchens disagreed on a lot of things, Turek says nothing mean or derogatory. In the quote there isn't even speculation on Hitchen's eternal destiny. I think Turek's attitude, like Peter Hitchens' attitude, is the one we should have when looking at the life and legacy of Christopher Hitchens.

Truthbomb Apologetics: Counterpoints: John Loftus and Frank Turek on the Death of Christopher Hitchens
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