Saturday, December 17, 2011

What if Adolf Hitler had repented? | True Freethinker

Mariano Grinbank has written an awesome article regarding the trope some atheists seem to think is a good argument against Christianity. The thought is that they think Christians believe that all Hitler had to do before he died was to say "I'm sorry" and despite all the evil he has done he would go to heaven. As Mariano points out:

This question is used as a spring board whereby to condemn YHVH, the Bible and Christianity due to a perceived injustice. The rub comes in the form of the conclusion that according to Christian theology if Adolf Hitler, the Jew hating mass murdering racist maniac, would have repented then today he would be enjoying the glories of heaven whilst innocent Jewish children whom he murdered would be suffering the torments of hell.

In this article, Mariano shows just how silly and ill-formed this argument is. Use the following link to find this brilliant piece that Mariano has written.

What if Adolf Hitler had repented? | True Freethinker
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