Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dr James White on Pastor Ron Armstrong's Sermon on Predestination

The Dividing Line has a series called "Radio Free Geneva" in which arguments against Reformed Theology are examined. In the latest review, Dr James White reviews a sermon on Predestination by Pastor Ron Armstrong. The original sermon can be watched below:

7 Topics ::: Predestination on Vimeo

The first part of Dr. White's review was broadcasted  on the Dividing Line on Thursday June  9, 2011

Part 2 from June 14, 2011 on the Dividing Line

Dr White finished up his review on June 17, 2011 on the Dividing Line.- Part 3

Dr James White  review of the sermon was very instructive. I agree with Dr White's opinions and facts that he brought up. The one thing is that I think Pastor Ron Armstrong deserves a little bit more credit for his Gospel presentation. I got the feeling that he didn't go into a lot of detail about salvation because the audience he was speaking to already knew about how to be saved. However Armstrong butchered the Biblical teachings of Predestination and the way our responsibility is related to God's sovereignty. Fortunately, by God's grace, Dr. White straightens all that out.  I highly recommend watching Armstrong's presentation and then listening to Dr. James White's analysis.
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