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Sir Robert Anderson on Reason and Truth - Apologetics 315

Here is a great quote about spirituality from Sir Robert Anderson. Brian Auten posted it at the link at the end.

"[W]hile Divine truth is spiritual, and can only be spiritually discerned, human error is natural, and can be met on its own ground. We cannot “reason” men into the kingdom of God, but by reasoning we can expose errors which prejudice them against it."

- Sir Robert Anderson, The Bible and Modern Criticism, 5th ed. (London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1905), p. 27

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Sir Robert Anderson on Reason and Truth - Apologetics 315
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FacePlant - Epic Fail: Tisk Tisk, Johnny P Response #14

Well, eventually I thought that Johnny P would de-evolve back into faceplant comment. My comments are in red.

blah blah blah fallacy blah fallacy blah blah fallacy.

Nice job, Johnny P. You've managed to sum up a months worth of all your comments in a single sentence! Awesome!

The only reason I keep posting is because you keep misrepresenting me. Ant that is, to me, a personal insult. It is hard not to respond to someone who is lying about you and what you say.

I have not misrepresented you in anyway. But you have misrepresented and confounded the Christian worldview and refuse correction.

However, I couldn't even care about that anymore.

Yet you continue to comment. I can't wait for round 15.

Your points are tedious, as well as being wrong.

Yet you continue to fail to show why they are wrong. Just because you think they are inconsequential (and they aren't) don't make them wrong. But it does make you wrong.

You put words in my mouth like giant straw men, and I have lost the appetite to reason with someone so irrational.

I've documented your irrationality. And here comes more.

I never claimed of this argument what you think or want me to have claimed.

Yet you reject Christianity based upon it? Go figure.

Where you take this argument is another issue.

You mean to it's logical conclusion? Oh don't understand that.

For example, I would look at this in probabilities.

Well, at least your arguments have evolved over the past month and are more clearly defined as you struggle to debate me. Evolved but not improved. You're welcomed by the way. I've been toying with you and it's been fun. Thanks.

Is this situation of natural evil better explained by your version of God, or by atheism. Using standards for assessing explanatory power and scope, and Ockham's Razor, the answer is that this evidence is clearly far more probable and explicable under atheism (not that I'm strictly an atheist anyway, but logically an agnostic).

I disagree that the evidence you have provided make atheism probable in anyway. Besides you haven't interacted with any of the Biblical evidence at all. Just because it's above you and me doesn't mean you can just ignore it.

When you take this in combination with all the other logical issues of God....

Now watch this laundry list and honestly tell me that there has been answers given 2000 years ago?

...(unable to explain the compossibles of subsets of humans who would freely love him and only creating them, thus avoiding the necessity of hell and such evil and suffering at all,...

Well, Johnny P, if God had done that, you wouldn't be here would you? Nope. In fact none of us would be here, because none of can love God without His help. And for some reason, God wanted you here. Hopefully it will be because God will turn on your mind and you will freely love him.

...a point Craig was unable to refute,...

Where? And when? Reference? To be fair someone who favors and defends the idea of human libertarian free will to the degree Dr William Lane Craig does, is open to such an attack. However because atheists don't have the backing or understanding of God, they can't really leverage point properly. You can't even see your own chains of sin and depravity that you are chained by. I believe in free will, but only God truly has it and until Jesus frees us from sin you are hopelessly trapped and people like Johnny P can't even see ow trapped they are.

...failure of theodicies to explain evil effectively such as the natural death of 3/4 of all human foetuses before birth,

Oh yes, this trope again. I remember this. You fallaciously conflated still-births and miscarriages with Abortions. Re-read Acts 17. Your answer is there.

...issues of divine personhood,....

John 1:1-18; Phil 2 Happy, Now? This will get you started. You're welcomed.

...exegesis and historicity of the bible,...

Given that you think the Bible is irrelevant and don't know it I don't think you have prayer in demonstrating that.

...physics of time,...

Where do you think the Bible makes claim on the Physics of Time?

... the fact we have no free will,...

Yeah, so? Are you arguing that we do? How do you know?

...the special pleading of Christianity over any other religion, ....

It's not special pleading if one is claiming mutually exclusive truth - it necessitates that all other religions are wrong! If you want to accuse "special pleading" then you have to prove that there is no God or that God has not revealed Himself through Christianity.

....comparative religions better explaining events like the flood, ...

Name one.

...the impossibility of biblical accounts such as the flood, ...

How do you simultaneously claim that comparative religions better explain an event that you now claim is impossible?

...the failure and incoherence of arguments such as the KCA and Moral Argument,...

Sure would like to see you try to demonstrate that. It'd be hilarious

... imperfect revelation such that some 32,000 denominations of Christianity exist etc etc I could go on ad infinitum).

So just because people look at something differently, or got it wrong, that makes the Bible wrong? LOL. That would make atheism wrong too.

Faceplant all over.

You think you are all that, you really do. Your self-delusion matches the delusion of your belief. Good luck in life being a more critical thinker. I would advise doing some sort of philosophy qualification, unless your cognitive dissonance forces you only to do things which will cohere with your presupposed belief.

What had happen' was.....: FacePalm of the Day #142 - Epic Fail: Tisk Tisk, Johnny P Response #13
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