Sunday, January 22, 2012

“Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think” - National Messianic Jewish |

Mariano has written a great essay about how silly it is to think that  science and religion must be at odds. As if it helps Atheism. It's not rational. It's not reasonable. It's not logical. Mariano begins:

It is fascinating to note that atheists boast that most (whatever that means) scientists are atheists. They then boast that scientific findings lend weight to atheism (whatever that means).
They appear to be un-skeptical (as is usual) that atheists would come to atheistic conclusions. They are (for some reason) convinced that these atheist scientists are unbiased and strictly truth seekers.
Read the rest of it at the following link.

“Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think” - National Messianic Jewish |
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  1. Religion, has pursued it's own conception of subjective knowledge because it has been assumed by theology and philosophy that no objective truth was available to mankind. That presumption may turn out to have been the biggest own goal in human history!

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