Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Debunking Christianity: Articulett on the OTF

John Loftus posted some comments from Articulett on the Debunking Christianity blog.While there is much that could be considered, I'd like to raise a single point that I'm driven to raise. She is quoted as having written:

So, naturally, as an outsider to your faith (most of us are former believers) you look as brainwashed to us as they do to you. You all look like you are leaping over probabilities to confirm your respective biases. How do you imagine you are different? You would need to give us the kind of evidence you'd require to take their supernatural beliefs seriously if you wanted us to do the same for yours. And you haven't. No theist has. It's all word games.

MY question is how does the atheists know that in order to reach the conclusion that there is no God, that he/she is not "leaping over probabilities" and possiblilities "to confirm their respective biases"? For example, the notion that a good God would not create hell or send people there is a bias based on subjective opinion about what one's concept of God. Would not want to know God as God truly is and not what you think God should be?

Debunking Christianity: Articulett on the OTF
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