Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FacePalm of the Day - Edward T. Babinski: Things Christians Have Been Against

Edward Babinski has recently posted an article enumerating several things throughout history that Christians have railed against and different positions Christians have held throughout the past 2000 years. This post is mostly true! There is one thing missing. I'd like to ask how many of these positions were supported by a correct understanding of scripture?  Does the Bible really say that condoms are bad? Does it say that cats should be killed because they are agents of the devil? Does the Bible really condemn anesthesia? No? No, it doesn't. That is why you need to know what scripture says for yourself!  

Edward T. Babinski: Things Christians Have Been Against

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  1. That's exactly the point! Claims to having the "correct understanding" of Scripture remain disputed concerning a host of matters at different times and places by different Christians. Neither does the benefit of having the world's most inspired book and God's Holy Spirit "to lead one into all truth" lead to agreement. Also read the LINKS provided in my article.