Thursday, April 5, 2012

Faceplant of the Day: Debunking Christianity: Playing God: The Loving Psychopath

Recently,John Loftus pointed out a YouTube video that obviously means to metaphorically equate humanity's relationship to God with those of human being and his ant farm.

There are so many mistakes in this video. The metaphor does not work .  God is not like a man who made an ant farm out of stuff that already exists. The man organized the farm. He did not make the ants. He did not make the soil. He did not make the food the ants eat. On the other hand God, made everything. Not just organize reality but created everything that exists out of nothing.

Given that a man does not have control of anything that the ants do or what happens to anyone of them, the metaphor breaks down when you try to see God the same way. From God's perspective human beings have no more free will than ants/ And while the man is incapable of communicating with the ants in his farm, God is more than able to make Himself known to us. Just because some humans don't listen, doesn't mean that God does not speak or is incomprehensible.

If you want to make the metaphor perfectly resemble what God did, you would have to make the man become an ant, live as an ant, die as an ant for their sins and be resurrected! Without that, the charge that God is like a sadistic man who manipulates an ant farm. The thought is that the man is not worthy to be worshiped to be obeyed,  and loved so the ants are owed something. The man of course is sinful and imperfect and fallible. God however is perfect. Of course he has the right to do whatever He sees fit.
Debunking Christianity: Playing God: The Loving Psychopath

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