Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Muslim Use of the Errant Unitarianism of Sir Anthony Buzzard

Dr James White has written a post on how some Muslims use the Unitarianism of Sir Anthony Buzzard to discredit Christianity. They seem to think that they have found a Christian who denies the Trinity therefore Trinitarians are wrong. Rather an irrational argument but they seem to think it flies. It more like crashes and burns. A three-part video is embedded in the post of a two-on-two debate between James White and Dr Michael Brown against Anthony Buzzard and another man who reject Jesus as God and Messiah. Also Dr White posts another video by a Muslim on YouTube who attacks Dr White and Christianity on the basis of the Trinity.

Dr White writes:

If one does not assume unitarianism my comments are, well, obvious. Only by cutting, editing, and ignoring context, can Sir Anthony attempt to create confusion and hence contradiction. He refuses to allow for the distinction between being and person, and on the basis of that refusal, asserts contradiction on my part. Yet, my very definition is based upon the distinction in usage and referent for the terms "being" and "person". Hence, to reject part of my definition, import a different definition, and on that basis accuse me of contradiction is irrational. We have seen this error on Sir Anthony's part many times. But what is MuslimByChoice's excuse this time? He is citing a man who believes Jesus died and rose again. He believes Jesus is properly called the Son of God (in a much higher sense than Islam can possibly allow) and hence is someone who rejects the inspiration of the Qur'an and the prophethood of Mohammed. It is clear once again that MuslimByChoice chooses to use any source, no matter how inconsistent with Islamic doctrine, teaching, or history, as long as it looks like it is contradictory to the Trinity. Isn't it interesting to see how dependent Muslims are upon enemies of the Christian faith, like Bart Ehrman, for example? Rejection of biblical teaching makes strange bedfellows, to be sure!

Follow the link at the end to see the videos.

The Muslim Use of the Errant Unitarianism of Sir Anthony Buzzard

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