Thursday, May 10, 2012

'Avengers Assemble' damage estimated at $160 billion | Film & TV News | NME.COM

Just for giggles, ever wondered how much it would cost to repair New York after such a catastrophe shown in The Avengers movie? Of course you have!

And now, the Hollywood Reporter has called in the experts to estimate the financial cost of the catastrophe.

Reaching out to the Kinetic Analysis Corp, they have predicted that the physical damage to the city would cost $60-70 billion (£37-43 billion). Clean-up costs would amount to $90 billion (£55 billion), and the loss of thousands of lives would take the figure up to the $160 billion total in payouts.

However, they predict that SHIELD, the secretive military law-enforcement agency that assembles the heroes, would in all likelihood be protected from liability through sovereign immunity. Furthermore, the fact that the battle was waged by Loki, who hails from the mythical Norse world of Asgard, could protect insurers from paying out due to an ‘act of God’.

I find it amazing that some people would immediately think think that the Avengers should be financially accountable! I mean they didn't start it and seeing how Loki's army would have killed or subjugated everyone had they succeeded in New York, I'd think holding the good guys in the movie as liable would be stupid. But if such a thing really happened I'd bet that the defenders would be sued.

'Avengers Assemble' damage estimated at $160 billion | Film & TV News | NME.COM
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