Saturday, June 23, 2012

Walmart Rolls Out The Red Carpet For The Amazing Spider-Man™ Fans Nationwide

I tried out the new Augmented Reality(AR) app for promoting the Amazing Spider-Man movie at Walmart. It's like the Avengers' Superhero AR app that came out last April in conjunction with that movie. This app was designed by the same company that did that Avengers app and although it shares some similarities it's also different. One difference is that when you use the AR photos, Spider-Man is not in a pose where it's simple to take a picture with him. The poses are more action-oriented and now there is interaction in that Spider-Man speaks to you when you click on him.  I think there are four pictures that give you this experience. There is also a comic book you can buy from Walmart that gives a short battle sequence of Spider-Man fighting the Lizard. And there is a promise for a Spider-Man themed truck that will come to various Walmart locations and give people a chance to test out the new console video game and other goodies associated with the film. If you point the app at the truck you get to see another AR scene. I haven't seen it yet.

The app does give you access to see which Walmarts the truck(s) will visit. There are few compared to the total number of Walmarts in my area: one or two compared to the seven that are within a 30 mile radius of my residence. I notice that not all of the Walmarts are also taking part in the promotion. For example not all of them have the AR posters at all. The Walmart closest to my residence doesn't even have the AR posters. It reminds me of how I never did find a Walmart in my area that  had the Black Widow character poster during the Avengers promotion. I'd like to know more about how the Walmart handles these things. It's almost like if the local managers don't care, we miss out on whatever corporate is doing...or corporate doesn't care about certain neighborhoods. I wonder which it is.

Oh...well, here are some of the AR Pictures I shot.

The game in this case, is the option to go around the store and build a webshooter starting June 26th. If you try to do it now, you get an AR of first-person Spider-Man arms that shoots wads of webbing wherever you want.  Again, it is available for Android and iOS.

Walmart Rolls Out The Red Carpet For The Amazing Spider-Man™ Fans Nationwide

Spider-Man's Web-Slinger - Google Play

Spider-Man's Web-Slinger - iTunes
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