Saturday, October 20, 2012

Who is Wolverine? - A WIP Just Like You

This is why I like the superhero genre: the characters. Take Wolverine for example. Wolverine is an amazing character that has been around for almost 40 years to become one of the most popular characters...ever. It has been said to best understand a person you should look at what people say about him. I found these panels on Tumblr today. We get several of Wolverine's colleagues and friends attempt to sum up who Wolverine is. It is real interesting.

One thing I notice is that what everyone says about Wolverine depend on their relationship with him. I think the writer of this not just nails Wolverine's personality but the personalities of all the other characters. Based on what I know about his interactions with each of them, I'd expect each of them to say what they said about Wolverine. learn not a lot about who Wolverine is to each of these characters but we also see who each of these speakers are. This demonstrates that when we judge anyone our thoughts are influenced by who we are. It reminds me to be careful and remember that not one of us can truly be fully described or known to each other. When it really comes down to it...we are all " in progress".

Who is Wolverine? - Super Heroes Behaving Badly

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