Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update #2 - Letters to an Anti-Theist - Vintage

Alpha Omega Ministries is going to post a series of letters between James White and Dennis McKinsey regarding a periodical Mr McKinsey edited entitled "Biblical Errancy".  I'm going to be following the series because we see a lot of the same questions and objections that keep being brought up.

The following letters were written during 1986/87. They comprise the correspondence between Mr. James White, Director of Alpha and Omega Ministries, and Mr. Dennis McKinsey, the editor of a periodical entitled “Biblical Errancy.” As Mr. McKinsey feels free to publish letters written to him in his periodical, and as there is no copyright on "Biblical Errancy,” we have felt free to include Mr. McKinsey’s responses. Only that material relevant to the matters addressed in the debate between Mr. White and Mr. McKinsey will be reproduced here.

Letters to an Anti-Theist - Vintage

1st Letter to Mr. McKinsey from James White - Vintage

1st Reply to James White from Dennis McKinsey - Vintage
2nd Reply to James White from Dennis McKinsey
2nd Reply to Dennis McKinsey From James White
3rd Reply to James White from Mr. McKinsey - Vintage

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