Friday, November 2, 2012

Update #2 - Licona & Martin: Did Jesus Believe He Was Divine? - Apologetics 315

Brian Auten has posted a debate between Dr Michael Licona and Dr Dale Martin regarding whether or not Jesus considered himself divine. I agree with Dr Licona that Jesus taught that he was divine and that his followers knew he was too. The deity of Christ is an important point and a defining part of Christianity. Christianity itself revolves around who Jesus is and what he did and what he taught. Without Jesus, there is no Christianity. I am amazed that Dr Martin can claim to believe in the essential doctrines of Christianity yet reject the Bible as foundational for those beliefs.

Licona & Martin: Did Jesus Believe He Was Divine? - Apologetics 315

Update: Dr James White has reviewed the debate on the past two episodes of his webcast.. He wrote there is so much that could be observed, but instead stuck to our review of the Licona/Martin dialogue on whether Jesus recognized His own deity. I think this is an important exercise in examining the presuppositions of what is truly "worldly wisdom." 

Listen to the webcast at the following links:

Yesterday on the Dividing Line

Continuation of Licona/Martin Dialogue on the Deity of Jesus on Today's DL

Today on a Special Friday Morning Dividing Line
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