Saturday, December 22, 2012

FacePlant of the Day - Debunking Christianity: What Would Christianity Have Without Its Myths?

I'm grateful that Harry McCall has actually come up with pointing out an actual problem  with Christianity. This time instead of trying to throw the Bible "under bus",  he attacks Christian myths and tradition in general and St George killing a Dragon to save a town in particular. He wrote:

Christian "truth" is fabricated and propagated by Christian tradition and one of my favorites deals with my experience at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church here in Greenville, S.C. 

Then he tries to use the fact that some Christians who hold this tradition of George and this Dragon as proof of the above statement. He asks a simple and fair question; "Was the dragon a real dragon and how do you know?" All he managed to prove is that some people accept some stories and have no way to defend them. No need to for them to get mad and angry with an atheist for pointing out that fact. McCall's faceplant here is assuming that George slaying a dragon has anything to do with the validity of the Bible - on which Christianity is supposed to rest. Face it. What difference does it make to the truth claims of the Bible if the George and the Dragon story is true? None! What if it's false and made up? Also no difference. You are still a sinner in the need of a savior regardless of the George and the Dragon story. If you are going to try to debunk Christianity than quit making straw men arguments.

Debunking Christianity: What Would Christianity Have Without Its Myths?

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