Sunday, April 7, 2013

Women in Islam

I recently came across an interesting post on Tumblr where Muslim women are protesting western media and feminist demonizing Islam as being anti-women.  Take a look at the following link:
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It become a commentary on race where the women are pointing out that white women's experiences and viewpoints should not dominate feminism. There are many Muslim people who don't do honor killings or believe that women are any less than men. For me the question is: Are the militants and terrorists - men who marry children, beat their wives and daughters, and treat women as less human than men - practicing true Islam and following the Quran or is it the westerners who live in North America and Europe - who have more egalitarian values - truly practice Islam? They both can't be right. Which is it?

No. The woman in the above picture is not living in the Muslim World. She's not under threat for her life.  But the woman below does look oppressed.

Then there are women in the west who try to toe the line and bridge the two extremes. CNN did a story on Maryam Basir who clings to her Muslim identity but makes her living as a bikini model! She does and carry on the parts of her religion she wants to do and rejects others

They interviewed a Muslim who lives in the West who says you don't have to follow or believe every word of the Quran to be a Muslim. I found that interesting because I doubt that the Taliban or Al-Quaeda or any of the leaders of Egypt, Lybia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, or Saudi Arabia would agree with him.
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