Saturday, June 22, 2013

Presuppositional vs Natural Theology

I think that the following article is important/ I'm always interesting in Apologetic Methodologies because we can learn from each one!

Presuppositional vs Natural Theology:
Jeff DownsSome of you will already be aware of this, but the latest edition of Unbelievable, features Scott Oliphint and Kurt Jaros. This is a discussion regarding apologetic methodology.

"Scott believes that the best apologetic method is to assume that Christianity is true and show why a non-Christian is suppressing that truth. Atheists presuppose the existence of God even to argue against Him. This approach is called presuppositional or covanental apologetics.

Kurt Jaros believes that method is flawed and argues for the primacy of Natural Theology (or evidential apologetics) in presenting the case for Christianity to non-believers."

As of writing this, I have not had a chance to listen, so I can not share my thoughts. To listen click here.

I have some reservations about going to this conference, but I would love to attend these two particular sessions. I believe we need more scholarly discussion (audio) on apologetic methodology. Such as the one between Greg Bahnsen and R. C. Sproul.

I have heard the discussion between Dr Bahnsen and Sproul, but I haven't listened to the one Jeff points us to from the Unbelievable radio program yet I look forward to hearing it

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