Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Debunking Christianity: Atheism 101: The Null Hypothesis

This particular video was posted on the Debunking Christianity blog. It interesting in that it summarizes the most popular philosophical arguments against Christianity. Nothing new!  Each one has been refuted in the past.

The errors are many but there are two main ones. The video attempts to argue against Christian philosophers but mischaracterizes their arguments. For example. "omnipotence" does not mean God can do anything. When Christians use the term, we mean that God can do anything that is not logically inconsistent. For example, God cannot make a rock too large for God to lift because that would be a contradiction. The author of the video said he could make a rock too large for him to lift, but no human being can make a rock. Very illogical. Secondly, just because something is outside the perception of our senses does not mean it does not exist. According to this logic, the video's author denies science. Neither he or any human being have ever seen a single atom of any kind. Is one then free to conclude atoms do not exist? I don't think so  Likewise you can't deny that God exist Like atoms, God can be detected in other ways We can detect God by harkening to the revelation that God has made available to us

Debunking Christianity: Atheism 101: The Null Hypothesis

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