Saturday, January 13, 2018

Donald John Trump is a Racist

On last Thurday I was amazed at comments being reported that were made by President Donald J. Trump. He greatly offended me. The suggestion that the continent of Africa, the Caribbean in general and Haiti in particular, and South America are called such a horrible thing implies so are the people who are from there. My wife and in-laws are from Haiti. My wife, Mitsouky, was born in Port Au Prince. I am a descendant of Africans who were brought to America against their will as life-long slaves. His comments insults me, and all those dearest to me. Here is a video from the Young Turks that discusses Trump's backpedaling trying to distance himself from what he said.

So basically Trump is saying that he didn't actually say anything bad about Haiti during the meeting only that we don't need many more in the United States. It was actually Africans that he used rough language in describing their circumstances. I'm not impressed,

Typical. Of course white supremacists would think that Trump said the right thing.

So that's a  "No" on Trump admitting that he was wrong and apologizing. Following is an example of Haitians of the US commenting

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