Saturday, January 13, 2018

Gay Pastor VS Pastor Gino Jennings: IS IT GODS WILL FOR MEN TO MARR...

There some homosexuals who want claim that they can be homosexual and a Christian Simultaneously. I have definitely never seen a black Christian debate the issue at time before I saw this. I have seen this issue debated by James White and Michael Brown on this issue. While they both see the issue as Gino Jennings does that you cannot reconcile homosexuality with living a Christian life. But Jennings argues differently. I don't agree with everything he teaches. During the debate it's clear that he rejects the Trinity, but he's  right about his debate with Knox

Matthew Vines is another proponent of how one can be gay and Christian. His argument is a lot like the man, Harry Knox, in the above videos.

Here is Michael Brown debating Matthew Vines

Here is James White's answer to Matthew Vines

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