Tuesday, May 3, 2011

FacePalm of the Day #76 - Debunking Christianity: The Christian Faith Makes a Person Stupid

John Lofus posted the following quote and then commented on it.
How many people have claimed to have finally debunked God? Way too many, This has been going on for centuries and someone is always popping up claiming to “Finally debunk God,

If God wasn’t real then why did it take over 2000 years to “Finally Debunk” Christianity? I call this “The Finally Debunk Crew”

The reason dimwit, is because Christianity is like a chameleon, ever changing in response to its culture, our criticisms, and science. The Christianities of yesteryear have been debunked. That's why you hold to the one you do today. And your type of Christianity will be replaced slowly into the future as well.
I wonder if a person makes a poor argument, does that equate to that person being "dimwit"? If that is the case, then what does that say about Loftus himself whom routinely makes poor arguments. This is a case in point: who says that Biblical Christianity has been "debunked at any time? And what exactly has been proven wrong? How does Loftus prove this "evolution" of theology? He can't. No one can. If he's referring to the Gnostics and other fringe groups it's not a good analogy. They can't be substantiated in the Bible.  If they can't be substantiated in the Bible refuting them is not just easy but also does not refute Christianity.

Debunking Christianity: The Christian Faith Makes a Person Stupid
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  1. They can't be substantiated in the Bible. If they can't be substantiated in the Bible refuting them is not just easy but also does not refute Christianity.

    This statement makes no sense. If the bible is not true in the most general sense (just assume it for the sake of argument) then how on earth does something not being in the bible preclude it from "debunking" (hate that word) the bible?

  2. Who said the Bible is not true? Sounds like you have have an unsubstantiated presupposition. But if you are debunking a religion that claims to be "Christian" but it has no Biblical standing then it can't be "Christian" in the Biblical sense.

  3. Debunk. LOL.

    There is no evidence to support either the existance or non-existance of God. You just have to take it on faith. Isn't that what religion is about in the first place?

    Also, there is evidence that shows that parts of the Bible were not written by the alleged authors of those parts. The people who wrote the books may have been inspired, but to claim that every word in the Bible is the DIRECT word of God is such utter foolishness. It is obviously and provably not the case. Discuss.

  4. God never changes. He's the same now as when He was when we were created. I find it amusing how people believe they can put aside their Creator, and simply rely on their own understanding.
    If human history has taught us anything, it's that we're never as smart as we think we are, because after thousands of years of recorded history of humanity, we're still arguing over the same stupid
    things, still fighting wars hoping to win everytime, and still making mistakes/committing crimes like we always have. How's that for perspective? Now consider this: The Catholic Church is the largest denomination on the planet. They trace their lineage all the way back to Peter, who was supposedly the first Pope. You can try and debunk that if you want, but there's literally billions of people who will argue with you 'til they're blue in the face. Now ask them where their traditions are found in the Bible, and you'll soon find them qouting verses out of context, and even blatantly twisting verses to mean something they do not. Does that mean what they believe isn't in the Bible? Or does it mean the Bible is wrong? Depends on who you ask. Also depends on what Bible you are reading. The only thing we can be sure of is that a man named Jesus came just like he promised, and did what he promised to do. That's two parts of a three phase plan to save humanity. What makes one think the third part is pure fiction? Faith makes us believe without seeing. Faith makes Evolution possible, just as it does Christianity. The only difference between the two is that Evolution happened in the past, and no one was around to see it, but the judgement of God will happen, and every eye will witness it.