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FacePlant of the Day - Debunking Christianity: Why All Oppressed Minorities Should Reject Christianity

In my previous response to the Harry McCall's post I wondered how John Loftus could let such a splendid example of reading incomprehension and lies pass for a responsible blog post? Turns out that Loftus unfortunately agrees with McCall's arguments and  is just as deluded. Loftus posted the following in support of the thought that women should reject Christianity and extended the thought  to include to all oppressed minorities. My responses are in red.

Harry McCall's post, Why Women Should Especially Reject Christianity, now has the second highest hit count of any post at DC. I agree. They should.

I sure would like to know why either of them would come to that conclusion since the passages that McCall points to support his delusions don't say what he says they say and there are passages written by the same author contradicting his conclusions. Maybe Loftus is unable to read the Bible any better than McCall can.  Hopefully most people are reading the post to learn what not to do.

There are other minorities the same thing could be said of them.

 How can women be a minority if half of the human race is female?

African Americans should reject Christianity given their history as slaves in Christian America.

I am an African-American. I am a descendant of slaves. My people were not enslaved beuse people were following the Bible. People who called themselves "Christians" disobeyed God  and did not follow the Bible. I know the deluded and/or ignorant like to think that slave systems in Ancient Israel and the slavery during the time of the New Testament were there same as the slavery perpetuated by Europeans and White Americans before the American Civil War, but it's not. Not even close. I should reject Christianity because of slavery no more than I should blame all ____ for ____ (fill in your own blanks).

The same thing goes for Native Americans who were conquered by American Christians (ala Manifest Destiny),

Manifest Destiny has nothing to do with the Bible or Christianity.  Serious fail.

as well as Mexican and Hispanic Christians who are largely Catholics because of the Spanish Conquistadors who killed, raped and plundered their ancestors.

Africans were also killed, raped, and plundered by the same nations that colonized the rest of the world.  Their reasons for doing so was greed not because the Bible told them to. 

There are gay (or "gay friendly") Christian churches like The Metropolitan Community Church of San Francisco.

And....? How does the above statement support Loftus' post? Is he saying that it is okay for homosexuals to be a Christians because there are now some churches claiming to be Christians that are "gay friendly"? If he is, he's undermining his point. Is he also equating homosexuality with having a particular gender or a race or an ethnicity? That would be another lapse in logic if that is what he thinks it is.

All oppressed minorities should reject Christianity, even the liberal or radical ones, given what "true" Christians have done to them. I know I would if I were them. It's almost absurd to me that they embrace the faith of their oppressors.

I 'd like to know how Loftus knows that those people who murdered, raped, pillaged, oppressed, subjugated,  and/or enslaved other human beings (who were also created in God's image) were "true" Christians? They weren't. They did not follow the Bible. They did not make Jesus Lord of their morality or actions. As one of the "oppressed minorities" that Loftus is so concerned with, I would wanna know why would I wanna burn in hell with my oppressors? I don't. These same oppressors attempted to use scripture and Christianity and establish and maintain their evil. An honest reading of the texts and History demonstrates that in order to do that, they had to twist and distort the Bible and History to rationalize those evils. When people like Harry McCall and John Loftus distort and twist scripture to rationalize their hatred of God so that they agree that the Bible says what those evil men told my ancestors it said, they are embracing the faith of my oppressors.

I come to Christ despite their best efforts due to the grace of God. My forefathers and foremothers found God through that same grace and personal relationship with the true and living God recognizing the lies of their slave masters for what they were. Why are McCall and Loftus still falling for those same lies?

Debunking Christianity: Why All Oppressed Minorities Should Reject Christianity
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