Saturday, February 24, 2018

Marvels Black Panther! The Real African Wakanda: Mutapa and Rozvi Empire

Hey turns out that although Wakanda is fictional there are are real-world African Kingdoms that had some simalarities

This Black Panther Stuntwoman Is a Real-Life Warrior

A Christian Response to Islam | Thabiti Anyabwile

Africa's Most Significant Events: A Timeline [Animated]

England's Black Queen Phillipa 1:19

Ancestry DNA vs 23andMe: Full Comparison

Cult of Mithras Explained

The Remarkable Bass Reeves

Racism In Teen Titans

Here is a great clip everyone should see about defining "racism".

Race, Privilege and Bitterness | Bryan Loritts

How An African Empire Influenced African-American Roast Sessions [Black ...

Here is a video about how when Black people play "the Dozens" or do "Roasting Sessions" or "Rap battles" we are participating in a centuries long tradition dating back to Africa. Who knew? I didn't.

Homosexuality in Africa?

Here is an interesting video regarding the parts that homosexuality has played in African history.

Fantastic Four documentary (Jack Kirby art)