Sunday, March 13, 2011

Calvinistic Cartoons: Random Comic Panel

Eddie Eddings posted this great acrostic for "SUPER" summarizing Reformed Theology.

Is your doctrine a "SUPER" one?
Soul in Depravity
Unconditional Election
Particular Redemption
Eternally Secure
Resistance Transformed into Insistence

Want to know the difference between Calvinism and Arminianism? Look at one of the comments:

Angry Arminian said...
W - Will is free!  I  - I elect myself! M - My decision! P  - Power to choose! Y  - You might not make it! And don't nobody call it "man-centered"
I did change the image of Superman, Eddie used in his original post but the text was too good not change.

Calvinistic Cartoons: Random Comic Panel
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Patrick Boivin - Interview

I got a tweet about an article in which Patrick Boivin has been interviewed. I like his work a great deal and it is great to see what he has to say about that work. Take a look at the interview and one of my favorite shorts he worked on - Iron Baby.

Patrick Boivin

Fallacy Friday: The Ubiquitous Ad Hominem | MandM

Brian Auten has teamed up with Matthew Flannagan to produce a series of podcasts/blog articles enumerating and describing logical fallacies and things about logic in general. This last Friday Matthew Flannagan covered "Ad Hominem" arguments. He did a great job on the program and gave good examples also. Ad Hominem arguments are what one uses when they have no other argument of value.  Follow the link to get the podcast and blog post.

Fallacy Friday: The Ubiquitous Ad Hominem | MandM
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