Saturday, March 3, 2012

Supervillain Secrets [Comic]

Yes! This is hilarious!

Supervillain Secrets [Comic]

Fistbump of the Day - The OTF and Mocking Christ

Does John Loftus' Outsider Test For Faith (OTF) mocks Christ? No, not directory. But I want to point out that Mariano Grinbank has managed to point out a discontinuity between how the OTF is premised as a fact and how some Atheists actually function. Recently John Loftus posted "very well-written comment EricRC, a Ph.D. student in philosophy,:" in which the OTF's fundamental premise is stated and endorsed by Loftus himself:

(1) Rational people in distinct geographical locations around the globe overwhelmingly adopt and defend a wide diversity of religious faiths due to their upbringing and shared cultural heritage. This is the religious diversity thesis (RDVT).


And then I saw a post by Mariano that explores why in Western Culture it is okay to denigrate and mock Jesus but not okay to mock and denigrate Muhammad.  Mariano observed:

Wait a moment, just when the New celebrity Atheists are attempting to get us to believe that Christianity is promulgated via nationality/ethnicity along comes Thompson claiming that Christianity has fewer ties to ethnicity. Suppose that one will let them fight it out.

That flies completely in the opposite direction and biases any directions or conclusions you might draw from the OTF. EricRC said himself and Loftus agree that the rest of the OTF follows from this disputed premise.  Mariano further observed:

Secularists understand very, very well what blasphemy feels like to someone who is a realist in their religious belief. That is the very reason that they besmirch, condemn, manipulate the media as the BBC does, and blaspheme. In fact, many secularists (atheists by any other name) have made a living by exploiting this knowledge and encouraging their adherents to do likewise.
Mariano makes a lot of valid points!

Marijuana and your Brain [infographic]

Response to Sam Gipp: Part 4

Here is Dr James White's fourth video responding to Sam Gipp's Video.

Response to Sam Gipp: Part 4

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