Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why was Adolf Hitler wrong? - National Messianic Jewish |

Mariano Grinbank has written a response to an article on the ISU Atheist and Agnostic Society website written by Dave who writes:

Some atheists do believe in ethical absolutes, some don’t. My answer is a bit more complicated — I don’t believe that there are any axiological claims which are absolutely true, except within the context of one person’s opinion.
That is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so are ethics. So, why is Adolf Hitler wrong? Because he murdered millions, and his only justification, even if it were valid, was based on things which he should have known were factually wrong. Why is it wrong to do that? Because I said so. Unless you actually disagree with me — unless you want to say that Adolf Hitler was right — I’m not sure I have more to say.
This is shocking to me. I don't believe that there is anything else any atheist who is sane and yet consistent to his/her worldview could possible say. It's terrible but unavoidable. One of Mariano's arguments was:

Now, what the atheist said is not true anyhow. Why not? Because, by his very own definition, there are no axiological claims which are absolutely true, except within the context of one person’s opinion. Thus, since we are considering his claims from outside of his opinion, we can determine that his statements are not absolutely true. In fact, claims which are made within the context of one person’s opinion are not absolutely true as, by definition, truth is absolute or else it is not truth.
Brilliant.  Mariano wrote an amazing answer that totally points out one of the glaring flaws in Atheism. Check out his article. I have never heard a good answer from an atheist to the challenge of this line of reasoning.

Why was Adolf Hitler wrong? - National Messianic Jewish |
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The Dunamis Word: The Mormon Mirage

Elder Harvey Burnett has posted a great article spotlighting not only Hank Hanegraaff's ministry concerning Mormonism and how it differs from orthodox Christianity but he also provide very important information regarding African Americans in the Mormon church. Once you find out what the founders of Mormonism really thought of African Americans, it makes you wonder why anyone of us would wanna be Mormons.

The Dunamis Word: The Mormon Mirage
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Bring it #2: Does the Bible Teaches the Deity of Christ?

A lot of people do not think its correct to use the Bible to discuss Christian concepts and theology. I disagree. So I've decided to create a series of blog posts to give skeptics and atheists an opportunity to make their best case against key Biblical concepts. If you decide to take me up on my challenge, be prepared to defend your position because I will respond. I believe the Bible is true because it stand up to scrutiny and challenge. So go ahead and take your best shot.

For this first post let us deal with something fundamental:  Does the Bible Teaches the Deity of Christ?

Feel free to defend or attack the theology in the comments. Use science. Use the Bible. Use philosophy. Use History. Use whatever evidence you think is relevant to proving your point. 

Bring it.
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Christology 101 from James White

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...Image via WikipediaLast Tuesday, October 4th, Dr James White went over church history and the Trinity on his web cast  - the Dividing Line. He even did the favor of posting free resources that can be read and reviewed to go along with the class. It was like a seminary class - for free.

Here is the link for resources to read to prepare for the class:

Here is the link for the episode:

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David Wood Responds to Muslims Regarding Sin and Salvation

Over the past three days, David Wood has responded to some very common objections to Christianity from Muslims. I think it's definitely worth it to read what he has to say about the differences between Islam and Christianity and it's quite obvious how people are so willing to distort what the Bible says to attack Christianity and shore up their own views. A lot of what David has written answers atheism too.

Kim's Claim about Christianity and Sin
Kim Condemns Muhammad, Allah, and Islam
Kim's Muslim Scholars Command Her to Hate Non-Muslims
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