Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Heart of Molinism

Jamin Hubner has posted a great article summarizing Molinism. I like the way he explains it well and why it does not work really. He wrote:

In case you didn't know, there is a growing trend in Christian apologetics, philosophy, and theology circles that teaches that God is sovereign and God excercises that sovereignty to accomplish His purposes over every area of creation.

Except over the heart of man.

And with that he continued explaining what it is. Hubner also wrote:

And has God actually behaved in history according to the Molinist model, avoiding every chance to infringe on man's will? Or does He sometimes (perhaps often) "violate" and "infringe" upon the freewill of man in order to bring glory to Himself? Because if there is even one instance of God directly and absolutely changing the will of an otherwise unwilling human creature, then Molinism is a poor theory and should not be given as much attention as the better, more Scriptural alternatives (e.g. historic Reformed theology and compatibilism).

Let us face facts: if God does not "violate" and "infringe" upon our "free will", we could not be saved! Given our depravity and utter hopelessness and dis fellowship with God, how else can we even begin to accept Christ? We can't. Read all of Jamin Hubner's argument at the following link.

The Heart of Molinism
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