Sunday, December 31, 2017

Too Woke for Church? | Sho Baraka

Here is another video from Jude3Project. Sho Baraka was really great to hear. I had never heard of him before but it was expressing many of my own thoughts and feelings. He was right on. If you think you are so knowledgeable that you are beyond the need to go to church (ie "Woke") then you are still sleep and in a nightmare.

Barack Obama vs Black Hebrew Israelites | Vocab Malone

Jude3Project interviewed Vocab Malone's book Barack Obama vs the Black Hebrew Israelites. It's different than the one he did with James White on James White's podcast.It's a little expanded and you get to see more of Vocab's personality and his convictions and how he sees God and his ministry.

The Deity of Christ and the Council of Nicaea | Vince Bantu, PhD

Here is another interview from the Jude3Project. You can hear this interview with Dr Vince Bantu about what History actually says about the Council of Nicaea in 325 CE. He cover so much great material it would be worth your time to hear what he says if you think that the doctrine of the Deity of Christ began at the Council of Nicaea. SPOILER: IT didn't.

Osiris and Jesus Connection | Brother Berean

Yesterday, I learned about the Jude3Project which is an apologetics group that focuses on the issues and problems people of color face in coming to faith in Christ and objections from cults that target people of color. Groups like the Black Hebrew Israelites, Five Percenters, Rastafarians, Nation of Islam, and Atheism as well as other issues Black churches struggle with are thoughtfully discussed from the Bible in podcasts.

The following is an interview with a Christian discussing how we know Jesus is not a copy of Osiris from the context that cults that target people of color and more about such groups.

Hamza Questions James White (Now with Subtitles)

The following video is an interaction James White had with a Muslim. It is amazing for many different reasons. We get to see James White talking to a Muslim asking him pointed questions about salvation and how the Bible answers the question about God's sovereignty and our responsibility. I loved how Dr White gave the man the same consistent and Bible-based answers and arguments he uses when he does do scholarly debates. There is a number of people standing around listening to the interaction. This is worth listening to and when you do, you may want to turn on the YouTube subtitles so you can understand better because the sound isn't very good!