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Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Debate: Thabiti vs Zawadi "Who is God and how are we saved?"

Debate on Islamic and Christian ideas of God and his Character as well as how both view Salvation. Well worth looking at.

What is God like?

What is the difference in Salvation between Christianity and Islam?

Does Islam guarantee Salvation?

Is Jesus Christ the only way to Salvation?

Which faith leads to eternal salvation, Islam or Christianity?

Representing the Muslim perspective was Bassam Zawadi: Brother Bassam has written hundreds of articles on Islam and Christianity.

He has a Bachelors Degree in Management and Marketing and a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing.

He runs the website

He is currently working on his first publication, " Who is Muhammad? a Muslim and Christian Perspectives. "

Representing the Christian side was Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile: Thabiti M. Anyabwile is senior pastor of First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands.

He was previously an assistant pastor at Capitol Hill Baptist Church (Washington, DC) and served as an elder at Church on the Rock (Raleigh, NC).

Thabiti has a strong professional and academic background in community psychology, with special interest in the history and development of the African American church.

He holds B.A. and M.S. degrees in psychology from North Carolina State University. He and his wife, Kristie, have two daughters.

The Topic: Who is God and How are We Saved?

An Interfaith dialogue between Brother Bassam Zawadi and Pastor Thabiti M. Anyabwile (from the First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman)

(the University of Wollongong, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2nd March 2009)
I'm glad to see that such debates do take place in the Middle East!!!

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Debate: Thabiti vs Zawadi "Who is God and how are we saved?"
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My Common Sense is Tingling - Debunking Christianity: Why Evolution is True, by Jerry Coyne

Chalk it up to coincidence if you like, but this morning I was greeted with two posts on Evolution in my news feeds. It was like seeing poison and then getting the antidote. First the poison from John Loftus' blog.

Every day, hundreds of observations and experiments pour into the hopper of the scientific literature. Many of them don't have much to do with evolution - they're observations about he details of physiology, biochemistry, development, and so on - but many of them do. And every fact that has something to do with evolution confirms its truth. Every fossil that we find, every DNA molecule that we sequence, every organ system that we dissect, supports the idea that species evolved from common ancestors. Despite innumerable possible observations that could prove evolution untrue, we don't have a single one. We don't find mammals in Precambrian rocks, humans in the same layers as dinosaurs, or any other fossils out of evolutionary order. DNA sequencing supports the evolutionary relationships of species originally deduced from the fossil record. And, as natural selection predicts, we find no species with adaptations that only benefit a different species. We do find dead genes and vestigial organs, incomprehensible under the idea of special creation. Despite a million chances to be wrong, evolution always comes up right. That is as close as we can get to a scientific truth. - Jerry Coyne, Why Evolution Is True
For more see the DC Evolution Smackdown.

I was just thinking "I wonder why people don't also consider the other ways of viewing the same data that does not support their conclusions and the data that goes against their conclusions - especially concerning evolution." I find that that Christian scientists are often belittled and ridiculed and accused of making data stretch to support the conclusions they hold but then we have scientists who support "common ancestry" doing the same thing. Here a portion of the antidote written by Luke Nix:

Now, the whole idea that I am demonstrating is not possible here, is common ancestry. There is much evidence that suggests a common ancestor (including similar genetic code). However, we are looking for an explanation that can make sense of the evidence for common ancestry AND all the evidence against common ancestry (surface scratched above).What is suggested by the similar genetic code is a "commonality". But what else could be "common" among the organisms that would explain all the evidence? A common designer. A common designer would explain everything. Many human designers use many things from previous designs in new designs (no sense in re-inventing the wheel). That would explain the common genetic code. A common designer is not limited by mutational and environmental pathways that are limited by the age of the universe and further limited by the age of whatever celestial body they formed on. The idea of a common designer explains more of the data, without inconsistency, than does common ancestry (macroevolution).

Nix's article is very good and offers some evidence that Loftus did not include in his quotation of Jerry Coyne's book. He even provides links to even more resource. I highly suggest looking at both sides and see that there is plenty enough evidence that you can just blindly accept the notion of the Universe coming into being uncaused and without direction or purpose (now that sounds like a delusion because there is verifiable evidence to the contrary).

So Remember:

Debunking Christianity: Why Evolution is True, by Jerry Coyne

Can Evolution Repeat?
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Christ Victorious (Resurrection Day) - apologetics -

Cover of "Death by Love: Letters from the...Cover via AmazonHere is a short motion comic based on a chapter from a book by Pastor Mark Driscoll

In the first chapter of Mark Driscoll's book "Death By Love", he explains to a girl named "Katie" how Christ has conquered the enemies of her soul on her behalf. Now she is free, safe, alive, and protected in Him. Video made by Ryan Johnson.

Christ Victorious (Resurrection Day) - apologetics -
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Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Muslims in American History: A Forgotten Legacy

God has used all different people from various backgrounds to make America as great as it is. It's important to remember who God is - the sovereign determiner of human history. He put us all where we are so that we can best find him and fulfill our part in his grand design. Muslims taking positive roles in American History are no different.

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Muslims in American History: A Forgotten Legacy
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Calvinistic Cartoons: A Video Worth Watching

Here is a promo for a book Eddie Eddings Illustrated poking fun at anti-Calvinism. I think I will have to read this one.

Calvinistic Cartoons: A Video Worth Watching