Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Published Refutation to John Loftus' The End Of Christianity

Uh uh. Not so fast.

Alan Kurschner has posted an announcement of a new e-book that responds to John Loftus' The End of Christianity. The book is by Steve Hays and Jason Engwer and is called The End Of Infidelity.

A Published Refutation to John Loftus' "The End Of Christianity";
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Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus - Mormon Version

I shouldn't be surprised, but now there is a Mormon version of Jeffersons Bethke's poem that I've posted several blog posts about. Today on the Dividing Line, Dr James White made a response to the following video, discussed Dr Dan Wallace's announcement of newly found Biblical manuscripts, the Wallace/Ehrman debate, and also continued his response to Wajdi Akkari. Follow the link to get the webcast.

Radio Free Damascus and More on a Special DL Today

The 13 Most Radical Education Thinkers of All Time | Online Universities

This is an interesting article. It lists 13 people who changed the way people think about education and how we gain knowledge.

Considering education is about as old as the first person to teach another person how to do something, many of the ideas and opportunities available today wind up getting taken for granted. They might not appear "radical" by contemporary standards, but each of these individuals contributed something to the way the schooling process works. Whether that means ensuring equal resources and attention for traditionally marginalized demographics or devising exciting new strategies, all of them paved the way for bigger, brighter, and better things. Public and private schools alike still have a ways to go, of course, but they’ve already come a long way thanks to the following contributors.

The 13 Most Radical Education Thinkers of All Time | Online Universities
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