Monday, June 28, 2010

Apologetics 315: Apologist Interview: Gary Habermas

Brian Auten interviewed Dr. Gary Habermas and it was a great interview. I love listening to Gary Habermas and looking at his work. I think his Apologetics approach is sound and he gives a lot of great advice that I can use.

It is interesting that the interview focused so much on methods of doing Apologetics given that James White spent a lot of time on it last Thursday. (Look at the video I linked to my blog here.) Largely, Dr. White disagrees with the approach William Lane Craig, Habermas, and others are using. His is more presuppositional. It is my opinion that we need both approaches because people are so different. The Holy Spirit uses all these approaches and others to call people to repentance. This interview is very much worth listening to.

Apologetics 315: Apologist Interview: Gary Habermas
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