Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ghettoManga: Boondocks TOASTED Tyler Perry this episode!

I saw this great post on the ghettoManga regarding last Sunday's episode of Boondocks. I don't think they just toasted Tyler Perry, they blasted him and his work. I thought it was funny in many ways. I do not think that Perry is a homosexual, however I've got to admit that as Christians we open ourselves up to ridicule condoning cross dressing when we endorse Madea. I like Perry's work and I think that his non-Madea plays and movies are his best work. However he can't seem to get as much support without Madea. Which is sad. Many people try to look over the fact that Tyler Perry is cross dressing because he is giving good solid Christian messages and using humor to give it. The issue is so subtle. Do the end truly justify the means? I don't think so. On top of that, we bear just as much responsibility as Hollywood. I think the Hollywood execs are interested in making money regardless of the message being sent. They want Madea to continue because the character sells. I mean a lot of people went to see Madea Goes To Jail but did not go see Why Did I Get Married?

ghettoManga: Boondocks TOASTED Tyler Perry this episode!
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