Monday, June 14, 2010

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Walk on Water: The Wisdom of Jesus

I ran across a post I had to share from  Islam and Christianity A Common Word. It's a book shared that shows the wisdom of Jesus in a Muslim Context.

I'm kinda of confused. I have heard some Muslim apologists contend that Jesus and all his earliest followers were Muslims but I can find no evidence that they followed the "5 pillars of Islam".

As for the book, man y of the saying sounds like re-wording of what is in the Gospels themselves. They seem to oral traditions of what Jesus said. I'm not sure if they are written down anywhere else and I'd assume that they are. I'd like to know what we should do with saying that can be shown to conflict with what Jesus actually said in the Bible. These are the two that bothered me:

Jesus, the son of Mary, e said, “God has
given me the power to give life to the dead,
sight to the blind, sound to the deaf; but
He did not give me the power to heal the
fool of his foolishness.”

I realize that someone might point out that I have a problem this one because it asserts that Jesus said He can't do something and as Christian I have too high a view of Jesus to be comfortable. It's deeper than that. The scriptures teach that when Jesus saves us from sin and death that he is indeed saving ups from our own foolishness. He frees our minds and souls so we can be reconciled back to God. This is the whole point to being a Christian. Jesus is making a denial of this fact here but it's no where in the New Testament.but instead contradicts what we know the Bible says Jesus came to earth to accomplish . And He did it too.

And the other saying that gave me pause.

Once someone asked Jesus, “How are
you able to walk on water?”
Jesus replied, “With certainty.”
Then someone said, “But we also have
Jesus then asked them, “Are stone, clay,
and gold equal in your eyes?”
They replied, “Certainly not!”
Jesus responded, “They are in mine.”
I think the question we need to ask is why did Jesus walk on water? To get to the other side! Okay, all kidding aside I'd answer that question thus: To prove His Deity. I've blogged about this point before but I think TurrintinFan put it best in his article: Water-Walking God.

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: Walk on Water: The Wisdom of Jesus
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