Saturday, July 3, 2010

Your Guide to the World of Avatar: The Last Airbender -

I admit I wasn't sure which blog to put this this link, but I finally decided to put it on my main blog. It's a primer on the background for The Last Airbinder movie. I've seen most of the animated series on which the movie is based. I like the article from G4TV because it doesn't give any spoilers for the movie or the animated series and yet gives a lot of information I did not know. I've seen almost every episode and it's well done. The only thing is that it does speak from a pantheistic worldview and incorporates many religions. At the same time it does have a lot of good moral and interesting ideas for children. I don't think the show was good for children at all. All the characters grow and change and much character development is done right. There is plenty of humor and action and adventure. If the movie makers stick to the source material this movie will be one of the best movies ever! If they play too fast and loose it is gonna suck. I'd like to do some posts comparing the animated series and the movie and what they have to say about the world as well as comparing the movie with the animated series. I'm not going to believe the critics until I see it for myself.  They probably didn't understand the animated series either. So far the only complaint I think holds weight without seeing the movie is casting the movie with all white actors while in the animated series all the characters are people of color and all the nations are modeled on Hindu, Buddhist, Eskimo, Native American, Chinese, and Japanese cultures.

Your Guide to the World of Avatar: The Last Airbender -
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