Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti: Why did Baby Doc return? -

My wife was born in Port au Prince, Haiti and still has close family in Haiti. Miraculously, God preserved her family through last year's earthquake and we have been continuing to follow the news of what is happening in Haiti. I don't know how this news got past me, but I just found out that exiled dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier (aka "Baby Doc") has sneaked back into Haiti last Sunday! I'm shocked. How could that happen? The nation is still reeling from it's problems so much that he could just come in like that. All the historical accounts I could find say that he was a terrible President - he and his father. They tortured people. Silenced dissent. He trampled basic human rights whenever he wanted and then because of a coup in 1986 ran to France with much of Haiti's treasury.

He's under arrest in Haiti, and with most of his stolen money gone (he spent most of it and loosing the rest in a divorce) , 6 million dollars frozen in a Swiss bank account, and rumored ill health we are presented with an opportunity to make him pay restitution for the people he has injured and murdered. I read that the Swiss government have passed a law saying that it would go to Haiti for rebuilding but this is is not enough. He should stand trial for crimes against humanity. It's a horrible situation and more stress on Haiti that it didn't seem to to need. I'm going to be watching this closely because I want to see what will happen. I'm glad that baby Doc isn't being allowed to just run arround but I thin he should be in a jail cell.

Jean-Claude Duvalier in Haiti: Why did Baby Doc return? -
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