Sunday, January 9, 2011

Official Android App

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It's taken several weeks but I finally figured out how to make the first image on each blog post to show up in the Android App that I put together to compliment this blog. The other features I had on the earlier drafts are still here:

1. Single post viewed one at a time.
2. Link to the full blog.
3. Link to each post on the blog.
4. Reads the post out loud through that phone speakers.
5. Shaking the phone closes the app.

The app should work on  any android powered device. Further, I've placed the apk file on the media fire site for free download. I've also generated at a QR code for download. If you have an Android phone/tablet please download the BeeTagg app from the Android Market for free to download and install my app directly to you phone. Just scan the QR code below. You can find out more about BeeTagg by going to my post about it on my gadget blog.

Here is a short video showing the app in action. If you try it out, please leave some comments about it. Please note that your web browser will pop up allowing you to download the app and then you can use your preferred method of installing apk's on your device. I suggest Rhythm Software's Installer.

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