Thursday, February 17, 2011

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: An Enlightened Agnostic Jew: Lesley Hazleton on reading the Qur'an

Thegrandverbalizer posted the following video yesterday. It's interesting. Lesley Hazleton was interesting to listen to - she is articulate, thoughtful and witty. She makes valid points that people throw the Qur'an under the bus out of ignorance and never really bother to research it for themselves. The problem is that when I've checked out the statements Sam Shamoun, David Wood, or James White and see if they are taking the Qur'an or Hadiths out of context I find that they are telling the truth. I admit that I am far less knowledgeable about the Qur'an than i am about the Bible but when I look at the arguments against the Bible of people who think the at we should all be Muslim, I can easily see where they are wrong. I don't know if they are lying or truly don't know but I'll assume ignorance instead of malevolence. As for Hazleton, her testimony does not carry much weight for me because she is an agnostic which means she has not made a commitment to Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, or anything. thegrandverbalizer seemed to me to try to suggest that she was leaning toward to Islam but I didn't get the sense of that at all. When I hear some of the statements she had to say about the 72 virgins in heaven and killing infidels she didn't really answer any of the objections I know that have been raised that I don't think have been adequately answered. The fact that seems unaware that women are not excluded in the Bible raises a flag for me that she doesn't understand Islam any better than she understands the Bible. When I hear women extol Islam, I just don't understand it. I mean are they reading the same translation I am? Did Hazleton not read about the violence and commands regarding how to treat infidels when Muslims have the majority and military and economic control? How does she reconcile that with the context she gave when Muhammad conquered Mecca? How does she feel about how women are treated in Islam controlled countries? Rape and brutality have always been used to keep people in line, but at least in Christianity the perpetrators acted against what it means to be Christians.

Islam and Christianity A Common Word: An Enlightened Agnostic Jew: Lesley Hazleton on reading the Qur'an
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