Friday, February 18, 2011

My Common Sense is Tingling - Debunking Christianity: Evidence of Delusion?

John Loftus has posted an statement that frankly shocked me.

I am personally attacked almost every day on the web for something I've written. If I don't respond then it's taken to mean I can't (WTF?). These Christians think all skeptical arguments are utterly lame, including mine. Who in their right mind would think this? Just once I'd like to hear a devout Christian say something like: "Hey, that's something I haven't thought of before," or, "This is a serious problem for my faith." It's just that these things are almost never said. No, they have the answers. And they laugh at all skeptical arguments, many of which derive from David Hume, who is thought to be the greatest English speaking philosopher who ever lived.

Now it's one thing to disagree with the skeptics. It's another thing entirely to think our arguments have no force at all. The fact that most Christians think they have no force at all simply means these Christians are delusional.

I agree that it's silly to just assume that John Loftus can't respond to criticism of his arguments. I find it telling that he almost never does, but be that as it may, aside from dismissive insults. I have not heard of a single objection or argument from John Loftus that has not previously been used or refuted. I don't think there are any serious problems with the Bible that a nonbeliever can raise that has not been diffused. That's not to say that people like Loftus accept those answers but it also does not mean that they are bad arguments. I really don't think people who reject the Bible have any good reason aside from the delusions caused by sin. David Hume is often quoted and his skepticism taken as an authority, and it amazes me because they ignore the many scientists and philosophers and experts who believe the Bible is trustworthy? Are they delusional? If one says, yes, I would really like to see someone prove it. Human skepticism, knowledge,and wisdom just can't hold a candle to God and His Word.

Debunking Christianity: Evidence of Delusion?
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  1. Here is where John Loftus catalogs many of his responses to his critics.

    If you mean he never responds to you, I'm fairly certain you're not on his radar.

  2. I never really expect much dialogue from John Loftus. The most I ever got from him amounted to him calling me names. That's fine. I know lots of people have tried to help him and talk to him and it doesn't seem to have changed much of anything. I'm not expecting to succeed in getting him to change his opinions. And again I don't find his attempts to defend his positions any more consistence or impressive than yours. I said Loftus "almost never responds" not that he never does. He blogs almost everyday and there is not a lot of serious interaction with alternate opinions relative to the total number of posts he does.