Monday, March 14, 2011

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I find it amazing that we now live in a culture that not only condones extra-marital sexual activity but literally glories in it. Part of the problem is that for centuries, the Christian church taught people to be ashamed of their sexuality while there is no Biblical teaching that endorses such a view. It seems that in protesting that, people have gone to the other extreme of thinking that almost everything is permissible and correct. Like everything else, why would there not be inadvisable sexual behavior? The Bible does not condemn sex. Sex inside of monogamous relationships between a single man and a single woman in a life-long commitment under-girded by mutual respect and love is what is commanded. The amazing thing is that most people admit that these Biblical relationship are the most healthy sexual relationships and what most people seem to crave no matter what culture or time they are from. Women are best protected and have the most control over their lives in these kinds of relationships. People live longer and more fulfilled lives. When people turn their backs on keeping sex within marriage, they turn their backs on what is best for them. God is not trying to be a kill-joy or ruin our fun or keep us from pleasure. God has revealed what is best for us. Considering that God made us and gave us the gift of sex, would God not know how to get the most out of it? Yes, God would. And given that God has revealed this as God's desire for us, it follows that God will give you a spouse suitable for you so that you can live the way God has commanded.

Everyone sins and falls short of the ideal standard God has given us - in multiple ways. This is why forgiveness is given to us. God knows that the standards for how we exercise our sexuality is steep and God does not expect us to view sexual desire as sin - in and of itself. Desiring sex is not an evil thing. The problem is what people do to fulfill those desires. We can fall into sinful action to satisfy those feelings. Thank God, for giving us all the tools and things we need to live the lives He has purposed for us.

Video: “I Have Sex” « : Crushable - Crushable gives you the celebrity news, style and scoop on the stuff you care about.
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